How mobiTWIN works

With 7+ billion people on the planet, the likelihood you have a twin is close to 100%. Find out NOW!

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How it works:

It's simple, really. Just take a picture of yourself or a friend, headshots work best. Email or text it to Now sit back and wait for our reply. In a few seconds you should get back a text or an email depending on how you sent us the picture with a link to mobile site. Tap on it to open it and scroll down to see who you look most like. mobiTWIN is a fun and free service that works globally with both smart and feature phones.

We'll send you back the closest percentage match to your face male and female. You know when they told you that you have those feminine features well, well reaffirm that if you do. As more people play, the matches will get better and better. As time goes on, if you get a 90% match or higher from anyone that participates, we'll send you a text message and you can see your own twin. Try it out. It's simple, fun and anonymous.


We use a sophisticated facial recognition algorithm, specifically modified to be used with cell phone cameras. We use a proprietary extraction of feature vectors from key interest points, and then compare the corresponding vectors, effectively learning along the way. The similarity measurement and comparison against a threshold will determine if the face is a match. The more it is used, the better is gets. So share this with friends and coworkers, tweet and post it to Facebook, Pintress or your favorite social site. Laugh or make someone else laugh, it FREE and fun.

Celebrity Option:

Do people ever say you look like a celebrity? Now you can see if they are just pulling your leg. Try the Celebrity Option and get back the closest celebrity match male or female. If there is someone you are told you look like text it to us, we will add them to the list.