How it works

It's simple. Just take a picture of yourself or a friend, front headshots work best. Email it as attachment or send it in a Picture Message to

We'll send you back a web page address you can open to see the closest percentage matches. If you want, you can enroll your face! As more people play and enroll their faces, the matches will get better and better.

As time goes on, if you get a 90% match or higher, we'll send you a text message and you can see your twin.

Try it out. It's simple, fun and anonymous.


We use a sophisticated facial recognition algorithm, specifically modified to be used with cell phone cameras. We use a proprietary extraction of feature vectors from key interest points, and then compare the corresponding vectors, effectively learning along the way. The similarity measurement and comparison against a threshold will determine if the face is a match. The more it is used, the better is gets.

Celebrity Option

Do people ever say you look like a celebrity? Now you can see if they are just pulling your leg or not. Try the Celebrity Option and get back the closest celebrity match.